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Trevi House provides rehabilitation and parental assessment for mothers with drug or alcohol dependency issues, together with their children.

Trevi House is both a home and safe place; where mothers and their children remain together as a family unit, whilst substance misuse and related issues are addressed.

"25 years of delivering a unique and valuable service to women and their children"

  • We provide women with the chance to detox and become completely drug free without being separated from their children

  • Women are able to participate in individual and group therapy, confident in the knowledge that their child is safely cared for on site

  • From December 2013 - December 2015 76% of the women who were admitted to Trevi House, left us drug and alcohol free

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Trevi House Tweets
“Monday nights are our craft nights here at Trevi House. The girls look forward to the evening. At present we are planning and designing cross stitch pictures for the girls to take with them when they move out and some of the girls are wanting to…
“I moved out of home at 16 and began using crack. I was soon shoplifting daily to pay for it and sleeping with dealers to fund it. I had 4 babies in 4 years. I was making bad choices of friends and boyfriends; I suffered domestic violence for a few…
I come in every Thursday afternoon to the stay and play session to do singing and dancing with the children and mums. We have lots of fun with the pom poms, instruments, puppets, streamers, scarves, bean bags, parachute and bubbles! I always love…